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Beneath African Skies



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Carol, George and Joyce's first-born
Molly with Michael in the snow at Addington Palace Hostel in post-war London
Molly and Peggy shared a cabin aboard the Highland Monarch, bound for England. Boris was aboard, too, but the soldiers were not allowed to fraternize with the women.
The couple were reunited in 1941 and lived in a fisherman's cottage in Nanyuki, near Mount Kenya. Carol was born in January 1942.

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19.03 | 18:49

Lookin' forward to that, Gillie.

19.03 | 12:22

It's all but written! However, I might wait until we have been back to Kenya (probably in January next year) before publishing.

19.03 | 12:20

Thanks Mike. I'm going to send you a file on all the stuff we found out about Hougham Park, our ancestor's house in Coega Bay, Port Elizabeth.t

19.03 | 11:34

I loved this book. It brought home the real atmosphere of Africa and the story was really interesting.
When is the sequel coming out?