Kenyan Skies

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The Hudson family make a life for themselves in Kenya - the book follows the young lives of George and Molly through to their marriages to Joyce and Boris.  Their life there is action-packed; hyena, crocodile and cobre attacks, gold rush mania, crater plunges, near-fatal accidents, typhoid fever and murder are just some of the ordeals they must face.  And then they are thrown into the horrors of the Second World War: both as an RAF fighter pilot and as a pregnant and lonely bride in war-time Britain.

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Photo caption:  Molly, aged 17

Latest comments

19.03 | 18:49

Lookin' forward to that, Gillie.

19.03 | 12:22

It's all but written! However, I might wait until we have been back to Kenya (probably in January next year) before publishing.

19.03 | 12:20

Thanks Mike. I'm going to send you a file on all the stuff we found out about Hougham Park, our ancestor's house in Coega Bay, Port Elizabeth.t

19.03 | 11:34

I loved this book. It brought home the real atmosphere of Africa and the story was really interesting.
When is the sequel coming out?