The family flee to the Transvaal

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Zesfontein, 1924

 Seeking safety from the troubles in Johannesburg, the Hudsons move to the family farm at Zesfontein. His brother, Neville, eventually persuades Vernon to take his family away from the city and to the safety of the Transvaal.  Vernon’s father, George, and his mother Lettie, plan to build four houses on the estate for four of their children and their families so that they can all live and work together.

 The move is a happy one for young George and Molly who have the company of their six cousins and for Vernon, whose business opportunities prosper in the safe environment.  It is not such an ideal situation for Ann, who does not feel welcomed by Vernon’s large family.  Gwen is also unhappy and is sent to boarding school in the Free State.  It is a tough time for Ann, who finds herself more and more ostracised from her husband and the rest of the Hudson clan.

 In Chapter 7 Vernon finds himself able to leave the day-to-day tasks of running the family farm to his two brothers:

 “So, how’s the brick making business, Vernon?” George asked his son, as they walked their horses home through the shade of the fruit trees.  “Off the ground yet?”

 “Certainly is, Pa, it’s really taking off!  And with Neville’s contacts in the building trade, I am having no difficulty in finding outlets.” 

 Indeed, Hudson bricks are now being sold throughout the Transvaal and into the Cape. In just over a year, the venture has become a huge success and Vernon is already looking at other ways of expanding his empire.   He has met a wealthy mining engineer and they design an ingenious mobile plant that will enable them to recover worthwhile quantities of gold dust from the old mines.

 Although his relationship with Ann is still strained, Vernon is able to convince her that they should stay at Zesfontein. He encourages Ann to seek out her family who live nearby; the Louw family had come to the Cape from Belgium in 1806 and whilst her grandparents had remained there, the younger members of the family moved to the Transvaal and are living on a nearby farm. However, she is on uneasy terms with her mother-in-law, Neville’s wife, Elizabeth and Colley’s wife, Marjorie. Unhappy and missing her eldest daughter most dreadfully, Ann starts to seek refuge in the bottle…

photo caption:  George & Molly's grandfather, George Hudson










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19.03 | 18:49

Lookin' forward to that, Gillie.

19.03 | 12:22

It's all but written! However, I might wait until we have been back to Kenya (probably in January next year) before publishing.

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Thanks Mike. I'm going to send you a file on all the stuff we found out about Hougham Park, our ancestor's house in Coega Bay, Port Elizabeth.t

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I loved this book. It brought home the real atmosphere of Africa and the story was really interesting.
When is the sequel coming out?