Terror & carnage in Benoni

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Benoni 1923


 Strikes and riots in Johannesburg bring terror and carnage to the quiet suburb of Benoni.  In chapter 4, friends seek comfort and shelter in the Hudson household and Vernon, injured and despondent, retreats from the angry mobs in the city to the relative safety of the family home.  The servants flee, terrified by the gunshot and bombing.  In the aftermath of the turmoil, little George and Molly, aged 5 and 3, decide to seek out their African friends and embark upon a hazardous adventure into the bush.  Vernon and Ann realise they have gone missing and, panic-stricken, set out to find them. However, the children will witness the horrific tribal castration of their much-loved houseboy before they can be rescued:


 ‘The scream that followed was truly terrifying and (George) swung around in horror, reaching out for his little sister.  She stood, transfixed, her mouth still wide open and her eyes bulging in fear, as she pointed up into the trees.  George looked up and now it was his turn to scream in sheer terror. The children clutched each other, sobbing in disbelief.  High above them, strung by his neck from an overhead branch, and with dried blood caked on his chest, was Fadana.’


Photo caption:  Ann Margaret Hudson, mother of George and Molly








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19.03 | 18:49

Lookin' forward to that, Gillie.

19.03 | 12:22

It's all but written! However, I might wait until we have been back to Kenya (probably in January next year) before publishing.

19.03 | 12:20

Thanks Mike. I'm going to send you a file on all the stuff we found out about Hougham Park, our ancestor's house in Coega Bay, Port Elizabeth.t

19.03 | 11:34

I loved this book. It brought home the real atmosphere of Africa and the story was really interesting.
When is the sequel coming out?